Thursday, March 19, 2015

Save those fabric scraps!

Hey everyone, Katie here!

Today I wanted to share this cute hello card I made as well as a little tip. When you make projects you always end up with a few scraps that aren't big enough for most sewing projects, right? Well, (assuming they aren't teeny tiny) don't throw them away! You can cut them into strips and use them to make fabric tape!

I used some scraps of the pink flower fabric from the Air in the Forest collection (I used it to make this elephant softie), You can find the Love My Fabrics in our etsy shop!

It's super easy to turn your scraps into tape:
Just cut them into small strips, and place a piece on double stick tape on the backs of them.

On my card, I also used some lace tape and washi tapes by Love my Tapes (sister company to Love my Fabrics.

If you don't want to bother with saving up your fabric scraps to make tape though, Love my Tapes does sell Fabric Tapes in the same patterns as their fabric! You can find those here.

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