Sunday, May 31, 2015

Minutere Doll Beach Living Room with netra

Hi all ! 
Netra here today to share a quick project. 
Well it too a little while to make but it was 
fun non the less. 
My girls LOVE dolls. I do too. (don't tell anyone) 
They have so many and the doll house isn't made for too many dolls. 
All their shoes, clothes and make up. My goodness. 
So I was thinking an extra living room space would not hurt. 

Here is the full room. Its made out of a box, paper and of course this GORGEOUS fabric 
from Love My Fabrics. This set just screamed beach to me. And the name 
of this collection is Beach so you know ? You can get it HERE.

My 7 yr. old made that little TV on the stand. Sooo cute right ?

A little doggy pillow

This is a Monster High Doll. She fits on the little sofa perfectly. 

*** I want to give credit to a youtube channel for these ideas on how to make doll crafts

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Decorated Candle

Hi there crafters!
Rachelle here sharing my decorated candle using fabric from

 It really quick and easy peasy to create.
Take a look!

I love candles without lighting for home decor.
I decided to use a soft grey, white, and pink for color scheme.

 It is easy to work with the squares of fabric. Create
several folds lengthwise and cut. Next take the folded fabric
and wrap around the center of the candle.

 Attached the fabric fold on the back using glue or
double sided tape. Make sure the fit is tight and snug.
Then apply satin 5/8 inch white ribbon and apply
using double sided tape or glue.

Now begin to decorate using selected embellishments.
I applied the embellishments from the left side
 toward the center.

 Here you can see the embellishments used: 
Prima leaves, swirl bling, a few Prima roses-medium size,
miniature rose buds, May Arts bow, rhinestone pin and pearl stick pin.
 All done!
The perfect candle decor for any table

I hope you have been inspired today to create
a decorated candle.

Thanks so much for stopping by and remember to...

See Ya Soon & Huggies!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fat Quarter Fashion with the Voyage Fabric Pack

I love quick projects--the instant gratification is, well, gratifying! And sewing for dolls fits that bill perfectly.


While there are peculiarities to sewing so small, once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to put scraps of fabric to good use. With my beads and wall-hanging taking up most of the Voyage fat quarter pack, I still had enough for a couple of coordinating outfits for the Dals.

To put these together, I started with the 90s Grunge pattern for Pullips by etsy seller Requiem Art. Dal is a smaller doll in the line, so I printed the patterns at 85% to get it to the right size. I also added a tank top pattern from a Japanese doll pattern mook (magazine-book combo) and a small backpack pattern courtesy of the blog Absolutely Small.

Now, the pattern (as the name suggests) was designed to emulate the grunge aesthetic, but in the Voyage colorway it takes on a fresh, airy look. It's a good example of the effect your fabric choice has over your finished product.

Another thing to keep in mind is if the fabric pattern has an obvious up side. The hot air balloons might look a little wonky if I had them heading down on the skirt. And when I planned the orientation of the flap on the backpack I needed to make sure the part that folded over and to the front had the balloons heading up--the fact that they're "upside down" on the back of the backpack didn't matter because that part is seldom seen!

The other benefit of working with a fabric pack like Voyage is that they different fabric patterns all automatically coordinate, so you can mix and match the fabrics (like I did in the babydoll dress). Instead of looking like random patchwork it looks totally planned.

Wishing you creative days!
Jennifer ~Scraps~ Vanderbeek

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pin Cushion

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today and I've created a pin cushion using some beautiful fabrics from LoveMyFabrics.

Begin by coloring the container with Clearsnap Spritzers in colors to match your fabric.
Place a Styrofoam ball in the container and surround it with batting.

Place the fabric in the container.

It's just that simple - no sewing or gluing is necessary (unless you want to).  Plus, when you tire of the fabric, simply remove it and replace it with new fabric so your pin cushion will always look new and beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by today


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gathered Fabric Card

Hi there crafters!
Rachelle here and I am so happy to share with you today
 my latest project for

So I thought it would be fun to do a gathered paper technique that is actually of gathered fabric. Check it out!

"Thank You"

This is a basic card with the center containing fabric instead of paper.

More Views:

Here is a view in which the cardstock and fabric have been cut out.
I cut 2 strips of 2 inch wide fabric.
Next, I folded the strip of fabric into a fan followed by
adding wide thread stitches and simply pulled so
that the fabric is gathered together.

I place the gathered fabric flat into a circle. Then applied
cardstock with the open heart center on top of the fabric circle.
Now I can begin to apply the embellishments on the card.

First I applied tulle in the center on the fabric using tacky glue.
Then I finish applying the embellishments to complete the card.


All done!
I hope you have been inspired today to create a similar card.

That's it for this post.
Thank you for stopping by and be sure to get your craft on!

See Ya Soon & Huggies!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

No-Sew Fabric Wall Pocket Holder

Hi there crafters!
Rachelle here and I am really happy to share my latest
Love My Fabric project.
  This project is super simple and will add color and organization to your space.
This project is completely no-sew! You could easily modify it with a few straight stitches for a more personalized or practical product.
Take a look!
Fabric Wall Pocket Holder
Materials needed:
Embroidery hoop-8 inch
  Fabric (2 coordinating)
Lay out your background fabric over your inner embroidery hoop.

Lay your pocket fabric, folded in half, over the background fabric.  You can place it half way in the middle, higher or lower, depending on what you plan to put in the pocket.
Now slip on the outer hoop and tighten.  Gently tug the fabric around the edges to make it taut inside of the hoop.  This is the part where you make sure you are happy with the placement of your pocket or how the print on your fabric is situated.  If you’d like, you can add a couple vertical stitches down the pocket for pencils or one in the middle to divide the pocket into two. This, of course, would be done before you place the fabric in the hoop.  When you are satisfied with it you can cut the excess fabric or tuck it behind the hoop.  Be sure to tighten your hoop real tight so that the fabric doesn’t slip out.

So that’s it!  Quick, huh? 
And so easy, not to mention clever. And since there is no glue involved, you could easily change out the fabric whenever!

Hang it on the wall and use it for notes, pencils, or outgoing mail.
 Sort important reminders, postcards or invitations.
I really hope this inspires you.
  I’m sure you will think of some interesting ways to use this holder.
That's it for this post.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy crafting!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cute Kindle Covers

Hey everyone, Katie here! Today I wanted to share with you these cute kindle covers I made using some of my Love My Fabrics stash!

I love mix and matching the different fat quarter collections so I used the Air in the Forest collection, and fabrics from the Owl collection, and the Thank You collection.

The pink kindle cover had the bright green fabric from the Thank You collection lining it, I love the pop of bright green is has on the inside.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dream Catcher

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today and I've got lots of fabric scraps.  Don't you?  What do you do with them?  I'm a hoarder.  I hate to throw anything away so I am always looking for ways to use scraps whether they be fabric or paper!

I came up with a dream catcher that uses strips of fabric of any size and length.  I've simply tied them around an empty ribbon spool.

I tore up my left over fabrics into a variety of widths.  I had a variety of lengths so I left them all different sizes.

For the hanger, I tied 3 additional strips to the ribbon spool, gathered them at the top and created a loop.

This is a great way to use scraps.  What will you do with your scraps?

Thanks for stopping by today.