Friday, May 29, 2015

Fat Quarter Fashion with the Voyage Fabric Pack

I love quick projects--the instant gratification is, well, gratifying! And sewing for dolls fits that bill perfectly.


While there are peculiarities to sewing so small, once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to put scraps of fabric to good use. With my beads and wall-hanging taking up most of the Voyage fat quarter pack, I still had enough for a couple of coordinating outfits for the Dals.

To put these together, I started with the 90s Grunge pattern for Pullips by etsy seller Requiem Art. Dal is a smaller doll in the line, so I printed the patterns at 85% to get it to the right size. I also added a tank top pattern from a Japanese doll pattern mook (magazine-book combo) and a small backpack pattern courtesy of the blog Absolutely Small.

Now, the pattern (as the name suggests) was designed to emulate the grunge aesthetic, but in the Voyage colorway it takes on a fresh, airy look. It's a good example of the effect your fabric choice has over your finished product.

Another thing to keep in mind is if the fabric pattern has an obvious up side. The hot air balloons might look a little wonky if I had them heading down on the skirt. And when I planned the orientation of the flap on the backpack I needed to make sure the part that folded over and to the front had the balloons heading up--the fact that they're "upside down" on the back of the backpack didn't matter because that part is seldom seen!

The other benefit of working with a fabric pack like Voyage is that they different fabric patterns all automatically coordinate, so you can mix and match the fabrics (like I did in the babydoll dress). Instead of looking like random patchwork it looks totally planned.

Wishing you creative days!
Jennifer ~Scraps~ Vanderbeek

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