Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wait! I can do zippers!

I don't know about you... But, I've been avoiding zippers... They seem hard, right?? Fiddly and complicated. Well, looks can be deceiving!! I spend a good portion of my time searching the endless internet for patterns. Plus, I'm multi-craftual and was looking for quick and easy patterns to make some knitting project bags. I found THIS wonderful tutorial on the Noodlehead website, and have now ordered an embarrassing number of zippers so that I can supply all my family and friends with the zipper pouches of their dreams!! The tutorial gives 3 choices for sizes, but I've made several and just adjusted the size to the zippers that I have. My daughter put in several orders for her friends, and I've now got some project bags to carry around my {too numerous} knitting works in progress! Plus tool bags for my sewing, pencil bags for the kids, make up bags for travelling... The possibilities are endless!! I hope you'll try them out, the directions are very clear, and you'll be adding zippers in no time!
The first bags were the result of being snowed in for several days in a row... My daughter and I "needed" something to do! Here's her new pencil case...

Then knitting, I make scarves to donate to a local shelter and I needed a bag to keep in the car with the newest scarf in it (to knit while waiting for the kids after school and at their activities)...

and, of course, my daughter showed her bag to her friend and she "needed" one too...

I hope you'll give zippers a try!!

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