Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Red Ribbon Wreath

I Love Fabric, however I am not a big fan of using my sewing machine.  I had this wonderful bright Red Ribbon Collection from Love My Fabrics so I had to find a fun easy project.  

I have been making the knot ribbon wreaths for a while now so I wanted to try a new wreath.  This time I decided to make bows instead.  Perfect DIY summer craft project that does not involve any sewing!  That's my kind of craft project.

I used  Love My Fabrics   Red Ribbon Collection.   as my main source for the wreath and then a burlap ribbon to break up some of the red.  I love how it turned out. 

Red Ribbon Collection from Love My Fabrics

I have made many ribbon knot wreaths but this time I wanted to create a wreath with all bows.  It's hard to see it from the pictures.. but every piece of fabric is tied in a bow.

Supplies used for Wreath. 
Start by cutting slits in fabric then rip apart. 

Tie Bows with your fabric strips and burlap ribbon
in any order you want. 
You can use the full collection of ribbon
for a more full wreath or keep some scraps for
another DIY project. 

Finished Wreath.  Hanging on my wall in the center of a huge black frame.  After I teach
this class I am sending it to the owner of  Love My Fabrics. 
For more fabric collections please check out this ETSY shop of Love My Fabrics.  You only need one collection to create this wreath and a roll of burlap ribbon.  You can easily create a few as hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or one for your front door~
Hope you like my wreath!


  1. what an adorable wreath. And so versatile too. If you accented it with blue it would be perfect for the memorial day thru july 4th summer season. or if you added green it could work for the christmas holiday.

  2. Love this wreath. Awesome job girl.