Monday, December 29, 2014

Easy Peasy Fabric Storage Tips!

Hi there fabric lovers!
Rachelle here with my first post for

Today I want to share a few
easy peasy tips to store your fabrics.
I use to love creating all sorts of thing on the sewing machine.
These days I love using fabric to create
 scrapbooking, cards,altered art, and mixed media projects.
Here are the tips:

Iris 12x12 Scrapbook Storage Case

(1) I so love the Iris scrapbook case especially when they
are on sale at Michael's.
The lowest cost was $2.99. What a deal!!!!
This popular 12x12 storage case comes in various colors
and holds large quantities of fabric; saving space.

(2) This case holds my burlap and canvas fabric. The smaller yards 
are folded tied with ribbon.

(3) Notice the plastic bags which I use for smaller yards.
I saved these from product packaging which 
is great to reuse for organization and storage.
So always check packaging before tossing it away!

Also, If you have labels they are awesome to use on storage items.

(5) As you can see this case is perfect for larger yards of fabric.
There is another plastic bag which has snaps for easy closing that remains locked.

So there you have it!
Easy peasy tips I hope you will use.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check back for more!
See Ya Soon!

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