Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Fabric Storage

Hey everyone, Tabatha here! Today I wanted to show how I organize and store all of my fabrics. I like to store my fabric by color. I find that it helps me group fabrics for a quilt faster if the fabric is already sorted by color.

I keep scraps for scrap projects or quilts in plastic bins. They are sorted by color/size. For example I have a lot of 5” squares so they are in buckets labeled 5” squares and what color they are.  I also have buckets of colors /strips. This makes it super convenient to grab a bucket of strips and make color coordinated projects.

For larger pieces I wrap my fabric around comic book boards and line them up like miniature bolts on the shelf. I do have a few larger pieces that won’t conveniently fit on the shelf and they usually end up in a larger bin in the closet for when I need a quilt backing.

Katie has some smaller pieces of fabric and fat quarters that she keeps all lined up in an old coke crate she found at a flea market.

How do you organize your fabrics?

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  1. Love it, this is similar to how I store mine too.